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Who am I?

My name is George Siosi Samuels. I'm an award-winning entrepreneur that's been featured by the likes of Entrepreneur, Tech In Asia, Bitcoin Association, Rest of World and Discover Magazine. My ethnicity is Fijian/Indian/Tuvaluan/Samoan, but am an Australian citizen who's lived abroad, and now living nomadically. I am a descendent of the Fakaua clan.

I spent my 20s working 'for the man', but am now using my 30s to learn as much as possible about building community-driven businesses. I'm most passionate about the intersection of communities, culture, and tech.

Career-wise, I've been everything from a warehouse packer, animator, web/graphic designer, programmer, salesman, business development manager, community manager, to now a founder and director. I've worked as a freelancer, but also for SMEs to billion-dollar corporations.

A few nicknames I've collected over the years include "cultural animator", "Bitcoin preacher", and "Digital Wayfinder."

Some career highlights include: getting sponsored by Adobe when I was a cultural animator; helping Slack secure their first enterprise customer in Australia; receiving an "Excellence in Finance Leadership" award by FiNext Dubai; meeting Satoshi Nakamoto; and more recently, being featured in my first print issue on Discover Magazine for the blockchain work we initiated with the Tuvalu government.

I enjoy hip-hop, anime, tea, weiqi (Go), totemism, learning, and martial arts.

Why "It Will Come?"

"It will come" is a translated saying that was passed down by my [maternal] great grandfather. The original saying in Tuvaluan is "tena loa e fanatu." It will come.

Now, when he spoke those words, he was originally referring to a time to come long after Christianity had finished taking over the South Pacific. He believed that "future generations would come back seeking the old ways."

Ever since learning this, I've been fascinated by its prophetic power. It's become my life's mantra. It led me to learning about indigenous cultures from around the world, who shared similar stories to my Polynesian ancestors, and the story of Papa Mau, one of the last Polynesian "Wayfinders". The affirmation eventually evolved into, "through patience and persistence, it will come," combining my great grandfather's words with my love for wolves.

The wolves are the ones who taught me patience and persistence (a story for another day). I have an affinity for wolves, which I have consciously incorporated into the way I build communities professionally. So much so, I created a productivity mastermind called The Pack, which has been running since 2016, which then also led to the creation of a show called The It Will Come Show.

Why now?

Over the past 10 years, I've been on a professional journey comprised mostly of tech, communities, and business. In this next chapter of mine, I want to start sharing more of what I've been privately learning in regards to culture, spirituality, and philosophy.

Some of it is incredibly personal, which is why I'm reserving some parts for loyal, paying subscribers.

There's an Amazon prophecy known as the Eagle & The Condor. It foretells a time when the "Eagle people" of the north (e.g. North America, masculine energy, the intellect) will reunite with the "Condor people" of the south (e.g. South America, feminine energy, the heart/feeling/divine intuition) in one sky. When I created my first official company, Faiā, it was done with this prophecy in mind.

One of the definitions for faiā in Samoan is "to span a divide, like a bridge." Another definition is: "genealogical and historical connections and purpose in relation to others kin and community. This includes ancestral lineages and kinship ties. Knowledge of faiā is important as well as knowledge of associated roles and responsibilities of individuals within their families." With Faiā, the idea was to create a company that bridged communities and technology at its core - like the Eagle and the Condor. To harmonize two seemingly opposite states of being.

With this newsletter, the aim is to bring everything I've learned about business, communities, and tech, and start incorporating everything I've been privately experiencing around culture, spirituality, and philosophy. I don't know where it's going to lead yet, but I trust it will provide a unique perspective that will help those of you who have been drawn to to it.

I also previously alluded to my affinity for wolves. From a personal brand perspective, I will be focused more on helping "lone wolf" types (e.g. solopreneurs), and from a company perspective (e.g. Faiā), untapped communities. Lone wolves do not succeed long in the wild, but they thrive best when in healthy packs (communities).

Hopefully you can see now how it's all connected.

So if you're already a subscriber, great! If you're reading this on the web version, or it has been forwarded to you, please feel free to subscribe away. If none of this sounds appealing at all to you, please go ahead and unsubscribe.

Look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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